We might be best known for our training classes, but we are much more than that.

Much as our students enjoy and benefit from the Volere courses, we realise that the personalised, hands-on touch is sometimes required. We are asked by clients to provide the following services.

Licensing: Volere course materials, templates and consulting services can be licensed to qualified third parties. Licenses are issued to organisations who wish to use their own trainers to teach Volere techniques, and by consulting companies wanting to use Volere as part of their service to clients. More…

Consulting Clinics: clinics are tailored to your project and its circumstances. Project members attend, and your consultant conducts a health check and prescribes remedial action - much like a medical clinic. The difference here is that you, or your project, does not have to be ill to hold a clinic.

Requirements Reviews: bringing in an outsider to review your specifications has the advantage that he or she is not conditioned to the "house way" of doing things. So any discrepancies or omissions are usually more evident to the outsider. Often, our reviews reveal flaws that have the potential to become serious in later stages. And when there is nothing wrong with your specification, it gives the project team renewed confidence to proceed.

Requirements Process Design: Clients often prefer to have their own specific requirements gathering process. We work with clients to help design a workable way for their business analysts to elicit and verify their requirements. The process is not some good sounding theory, but a workable process based on our experience over hundreds of projects.

All of these services are provided by a qualified Volere consultant. You work with someone who has real-world experience. Meet these consultants on the Volere People page.