Information that we, and we hope you, find useful for our requirements and innovation work.

The Books Page has reviews of books that we are using in our work, or find interesting for one reason or another. Books are reviewed to point out their features of interest.

Articles These are writings on various subjects from your Volere authors, and from others who make a notable contribution to the literature.

Video Training We have released a 13 hour complete video course. This and other video offerings are here.

Requirements Tools These are automated requirements recording and management tools. Naturally they vary in capabilities, so short reviews are presented. We urge you to visit the vendor's site and check a tool's suitability for your requirements process.

Requirements Resources are links to information, techniques forums and other requirements sites. There is a wealth of information about requirements. We have tried to find the most useful for you.

Innovation Resources are links to people and places that are stimulating. They might provoke a great idea for you, and we know they will be interesting if you have an interest in innovation.

The Frequently Asked Questions page comes from the things that Volere users ask us. FAQs are usually an easy and accessible learning resource.

Experiences of Volere Users lets you see some of the results people have achieved using the Volere way of thinking. Thanks to all the clients who have sent us their experiences.

The Volere People page tells you about the instructors and consultants who are your Volere experts.

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