Volere  (Voh-lair-ray) the Italian verb to want, or to wish.

This is the home of the Volere Requirements Specification Template and other requirements and business analysis resources. Volere is the umbrella that covers the collection of requirements templates, processes, books, consulting and training. Since its inception, Volere has been used by thousands of organizations around the world. Read what some of them have to say.

We offer courses including the flagship Mastering the Requirements Process. This course is based on the acclaimed book Mastering the Requirements Process—3rd edition, Getting Requirements Right. We also provide Mastering Business Analysis and MRP part 2.

Available downloads are the Volere Requirements Specification Template, Stakeholder Analysis, Prioritisation Analysis and the Atomic Requirement Template, or as it is more popularly known, the Snow Card. Some content is free with registration.

Other services include specification and requirements reviews, requirements process design, and consulting to make you better at requirements and business analysis.

Volere encompasses the discovery, communication and management of requirements for any type of system—software, hardware, commodities, services, organizational, or anything else you are developing. Volere works with all development methods—sequential, agile, outsourcing, etc—and with most requirements tools and modeling techniques. Volere requirements techniques are based on experience from worldwide business analysis projects, and are continually improved with input from our users. 

What's new

A video explaining the Business Analysis Agility course

A video about the Business Analysis Agility book. This explains how we do it.

Systems thinking has long been treated as a separate discipline. We think it is a part of business analysis. This is a list of useful books on Systems Thinking.

A new Article on Innovation Triggers is available.

We are very happy that Business Analysis Agility is now available. https://amzn.to/2CnVhTN

There is a report from Karim Khalifa from Toyota Finance on his experiences with Volere.

Suzanne Robertson’s interview on the I.T. Career Energizer podcast. It is live in iTunes, Stitcher Radio and other podcast streaming services. iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/i-t-career-energizer/id1231387865 — Stitcher Link: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/phil-burgess/it-career-energizer — Show Notes: www.itcareerenergizer.com/e43

Today I listened to Adrian Reed’s excellent talk on Systems Thinking at the BA Summit organised by Penny Pullan. http://basummit.com Early in the talk Adrian made the point that Systems Thinking is all about interfaces/connections; the pieces are useless if you don’t know how they fit together. Of course this relates to all of the pieces: the sociological, the information and the technology. I was reminded of one of the patterns in our book

New article "Turning Gloop in Concrete" discusses some of the business analyst's skill set.

We are very happy that Katarzyna Kot has brought her significant experience with her and joined the Volere family.

A summary of the best options available for business analysis certification.

A short history explaining how Volere became the popular requirements discovery and communication tool.

New article on how to run a Thinking Meeting. How to get the best out of the collected brains.

New post on the Volere LinkedIn discussions -- Requirements, Technology and Humanity.

Version 18 of the Requirements Specification Template is now available.

See the Volere Flow demonstrated. This is an overview of the requirements process for agile and traditional.

James's webinar "Requirements in an Agile World" is now available on YouTube.

Sorry, registrations for James Robertson's webinar "Requirements in an Agile World" are now closed. The webinar is heavily oversubscribed. Sorry if you missed out. A recording will be available later.

"Unleash Your Potential", discounting LiveLessons including "Requirements - the Masterclass at 70% off


We provide business analysts, requirements engineers,systems analysts, project managers and associated roles with resources, requirements reviews,requirements process design, and consulting.


Our innovative training courses, including the flagship Mastering the Requirements Process, have improved the accuracy and relevancy of requirements gathering for our varied clients in many countries.


Our LiveLessons requirements course provides 13+ hours of video training. It is a complete Volere requirements course taught in 20-30 minutes lessons. Samples are available at InformIT.